Can people with Crohn's disease eat fruit?

Answer On One Hand: Some Should Avoid FruitSome people with Crohn's disease should avoid fruit and fruit juices. This is true if fruits and fruit juices seem to make symptoms worse or if there's an intest... Read More »

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If you have Crohns disease should you get a vaccination for swine flu?

Yes, it is recommended that you should as soon as it is made available to your risk group. You should get the flu shot that has inactivated virus particles instead of the nasal vaccine that contai... Read More »

What game show host had crohns disease?

How does crohns disease affect young peoples lives?

A diagnosis of Crohns disease is often a life changing event for a young, otherwise healthy child or teen. Food and nutrition are essential for growth and when a disease such as Crohns interferes w... Read More »

Will crohns disease be auto decline for health insurance?

In most cases yes. Crohns disease patients find it very difficult to get standard and affordable health/life insurance. Premiums for diagnosed patients when available tend to be very high.