Can people use your IP adress to figure out where you are on the map?

Answer Everyone can pinpoint an approximate location. But big time people like government / police can pinpoint the exact location.

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Where can I find my IP Adress?

1- go to start menu2-Press "RUN"3-Write 'CMD'4-a black screen will appear (LIKE DOS)5-Do not do anything just write ( Ipconfig/all) (WITHOUT BRACKETS)a list will appear Physical Address. . . . . .... Read More »

Can an ip adress be traced to your own home and telephone line?

It certainly can. It is not that easy but certain circumstances can allow the police to go to the ISP and request that they hand over record to who is using a dynamic IP address at a certain time. ... Read More »

Help! If your ip adress is reported what happens?

Calm down. All that has happened is that the IP address of the proxy was banned from the site. One thing to know, when using proxies like that, you are not the only person using that proxy with the... Read More »

Where can I get one of thoses signs that says someone's operating system and Ip adress when they look at it?

Here is the BBCode for use on message boards [img] [/img] and for a webpage here is the html code