Can people use google?

Answer lol i posted this exact same question last night my hypothesis was that they were either incredibly lazy or incredibly stupid

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Do American people REALLY google these questions about British people lol ?

Being an American I can say those are exactly the type of questions Americans would google. Though I think the bad teeth stereotype has died out somewhat. Admittedly I wondered about a couple of th... Read More »

Why don't people just use google?

I feel your pain. But keep in mind that most of those people also seem to be fairly illiterate.

What did people use before google?

If I remember correctly, the first recognized search engine was "web crawler", and it remained pretty popular until google (and websites that borrowed google's search engine) showed up.There wasn't... Read More »

Don't you people have "google"!?

I get what you are saying and I think it's mostly kids that post the "am I pregnant" types of things.For me, I just come here when I'm bored and have nothing better to do. I have only ever asked on... Read More »