Can people under 18 get their own car insurance?

Answer Some insurance companies will sell policies to those under 18, but it may cost you more than being on your parents' policy. Many companies will not sell to teens because they are not old enough to ... Read More »

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What happens to people with insurance policies if their insurance company goes under especially those?

It depends where you live and what exactly happens to the company.If the company gets sold to another company, chances are nothing will change in the policies other than possibly a different logo o... Read More »

How much could one save if they list their insurance under their parent's policy rather than getting their own policy?

Answer There is no answer to this question as every insurance risk is unique. Contact your Insurance Agents for a rate comparison.

Can an employer force an employee to take the health insurance they are offered if already covered under their spouse's insurance?

No, you can opt-out of your employer's group insurance and use your own. Agent

Is it legal for a company to refuse to allow you to enroll in their medical insurance simply because you are listed under a spouses insurance plan as well?

Answer If your company pays the premiums themselves for employee health insurance, it is understandable why they would refuse to cover you. This is an extra cost for them and you are already insure... Read More »