Can people tell if you're looking at someone's profile on facebook?

Answer No they can't. And don't believe those that tell you they have purchased software that allows them to see who looks at their facebook page.

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Can someone tell if I've been looking at their facebook profile/photos?

no, they cantif they added you it was probably for some other reason, like having mutual friends, or one of the friends you told also told the person you were looking atany app that claims to be ab... Read More »

Facebook: Is there a way to tell who has been viewing your profile?

There is no way to know who has seen your profile. An application was introduced on facebook 'who has seen my profile' just for fun but some people are taking it seriously.Have a nice day! :)

How can I limit what people can see on my Facebook profile?

there are lots of different privacy options - explained here…

Can people see who is viewing your profile on Facebook?

Nope , there is absolutely no way for anyone to know who views their profile . And no apps can do that . Those who claim they do are fakes.