Can people take Deramaxx?

Answer People cannot take Deramaxx. Deramaxx is a medicine to treat dogs with osteoarthritis. The Food and Drug Administration has approved this medicine for only dogs, and warns that it is not for use in... Read More »

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Deramaxx Safety in Dogs?

Seeing your dog in arthritis pain is difficult. A pet owner will undoubtedly want to do whatever she can to help her dog feel better. Over the years, drug companies have taken great steps in the de... Read More »

Veterinary Uses of Deramaxx?

Deramaxx, the trade name of deracoxib, is a pain medication used solely for dogs with orthopedic conditions. Manufactured by Novartis Animal Health, U.S. Inc., it's available only by veterinary pr... Read More »

Will DERAMAXX help failed hips?

DERAMAXX tablets help dogs suffering from osteoarthritis, a condition caused by cartilage and joint damage. The anti-inflammatory medicine relieves joint pain. DERAMAXX makes life easier for dogs a... Read More »

Can a dog take people vitamins?

On One Hand: "Human" Vitamins are Formulated for HumansVitamins and minerals such as selenium, Vitamins E and C, and B complex are essential to canine health, according to the University of Florida... Read More »