Can people steal your money from a debit card?

Answer Funds in debit card accounts can be stolen. In fact, debit card fraud and identity theft is a growing area of criminal activity. If thieves learn your account and PIN number, they can use this in... Read More »

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How do I put money on a debit card?

Bank DepositContact your bank. If your debit card is linked to a checking or savings account, you can deposit money to your debit card by filling out a deposit slip. These slips can be found in the... Read More »

How do I add money onto a debit card?

Direct DepositSign up to have your paycheck direct deposited onto your debit card. In order to have the money direct deposited onto your debit card, you must provide your employer with the routing ... Read More »

Can you buy a money order with a debit card?

According to the United States Postal Service, to pay for a money order you can use a debit card, cash or traveler's check. When using a debit card, you must use your pin number when completing th... Read More »

How to Send Money Using a Debit Card?

Companies that provide a service to send money can charge hefty fees. People often wonder if there is a way to send money that is easier on the wallet. The fees these companies charge can be as muc... Read More »