Can people see if I look at their profile on facebook :/ Sort of worrying a bit x?

Answer Noo.. Not a single way.. there are apps out there which say that check who viewed your profile but none of them works.. So he will never get tto know 'bout thatt....

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Can you view people's profile on facebook if you are logged into your facebook page account?

I believe (NOT 100%) that you can view what they allow. As in, if you weren't friends with them. It will show certain things, depending on privacy settings, but no, you cannot view it as if you wer... Read More »

Is it true that the people listed under "friends" on facebook are the people that visited your profile last?

This list in any way does not depend on your friends' activity. I know that it sometimes includes those people which haven't opened their accounts for weeks together, so it'll be quite foolish to t... Read More »

Can people tell if you're looking at someone's profile on facebook?

No they can't. And don't believe those that tell you they have purchased software that allows them to see who looks at their facebook page.

How can I limit what people can see on my Facebook profile?

there are lots of different privacy options - explained here…