Can people ride in a travel trailer?

Answer According to Towing World, most states do not allow anyone to ride in a travel trailer that is being towed. However, some states do allow riders, including Arizona, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Maryland,... Read More »

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What is the difference between a travel trailer&a park trailer?

Travel trailers and park trailers are both towed by a vehicle. That is where the similarity ends. A travel trailer is designed to pack up and move frequently while a park trailer is designed to sta... Read More »

Can you ride in a fifth wheel trailer?

It is illegal to ride in a fifth wheel trailer in some states, yet it is legal in others. The laws regarding riding in a fifth wheel trailer vary from state to state. Many owners of fifth wheel cam... Read More »

How to Set Up a Travel Trailer?

Setting up your travel trailer is a simple process. By following a basic checklist, you will be able to successfully set up your travel trailer for a camping experience. Because all travel traile... Read More »

How to Fix a Travel Trailer?

Repairing your travel trailer can be a fairly straightforward process, depending on the repair need. The more complex repairs such as electrical or framework will likely need a professional hand, b... Read More »