Can people really see on facebook if you go on their page?

Answer They can't, Facebook does not track nor save who views their profile or page and neither how often you view it. There is no way to check this.

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I have a photography page on Facebook. How do I make it so people can't steal pictures from my page?

that isnt possible - anyone can "steal" any picture they can see

Y do people don't lyk keeping their own pic as their facebook profile pic?

der r many psychological xplanations to dis silly act !!!d best one which all of us can easily understand z--- "the social expressions"v c n xperience dis in every day life. for exa... Read More »

Can I get a friend to invite their friends to my Facebook page?

Yes. By suggesting the page! if your friend is an administrator.On the left, to any administrator, there will appear a menu with all the friends he/she has, with the choice of sending them an invit... Read More »

Can i go on someone elses facebook page and change their cover photo?

No. If you could anyone could also do it to you. Use your brain if you have one.