Can people really monitor what you do on the internet?

Answer Yes, but it depends on what you are refering to when you say "people" . If you are at work, yes, your IT department can search what websites you have been to . All of this information is logged.If ... Read More »

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Does the FBI monitor the Internet?

The FBI does employ Internet monitoring of the .gov and .mil networks in the United States. It has also sought legislation to extend the reach of its monitoring to all domains legally.References:FB... Read More »

How to Use a TV As an Internet Monitor?

Instant access to the Internet on your television can be very handy. In addition to allowing you to access Web pages and download files, an Internet-enabled television will allow you to stream vide... Read More »

Can the feds monitor Internet use?

As more and more communications move from the postal system and telephone lines to the Internet, government interest in monitoring email and Internet usage has grown along with concern over abuses ... Read More »

How to Monitor Internet Activities?

As a parent in a more and more technologically connected world, it can be difficult to keep track of what your children are exposed to on the Internet. Objectionable content such as pornography and... Read More »