Can people on the board of directors for a non-profit also be employees?

Answer There is nothing to prevent a non-profit board from hiring a board member. Indeed, some positions on non-profit boards are so labor-intensive that hiring a board member for their expertise may see... Read More »

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Can a non-profit board of directors also be paid employees?

While no laws prohibit nonprofit board members from being paid employees, there are laws against board members having conflicts of interest. If a board member is a salaried employee, a conflict of... Read More »

Should the executive director choose a board of directors in a Christian non-profit?

On One Hand: Executive Director Should Not Choose DirectorsThe executive director should not choose a board of directors in a Christian non-profit because he answers to the board of directors. Usua... Read More »

How many people are on a Board of Directors?

The number of people who sit on a Board of Directors differs from company to company. A board's size and number will depend of the nature of the firm's competitive environment and its managerial te... Read More »

Who are the people in the board of directors of MCI Worldcom?

Note that MCI Worldcom no longer is in business. The company merged with Verizon Communications in 2005, with all assets absorbed into Verizon. The MCI brand was retired and the board of directors... Read More »