Can people on SSI have joint bank accounts?

Answer Yes, joint bank accounts are acceptable. However, the Social Security Administration will consider all of the money in the account as the applicant's regardless of how much the applicant declares, ... Read More »

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Types of Joint Bank Accounts?

A joint bank account is one that is shared by two or more individuals--who each have access to its funds and can deposit and withdraw cash as stipulated in the joint account agreement. Joint accoun... Read More »

Joint Bank Accounts & Divorce?

When spouses divorce and cannot reach an agreement regarding division of the assets, a family law judge will divide it according to the state's family law and property rules. Joint accounts are typ... Read More »

Bank Regulations on Joint Accounts?

Joint bank accounts are often utilized for convenience purposes by married or cohabitating individuals, but they are also used for older generations who receive assistance with household issues fro... Read More »

Why do people have swiss bank accounts?

Swiss banks operate under similar guidelines to banks across the world. The attraction of Swiss bank accounts stems from the extra features they provide such as increased safety, privacy and access... Read More »