Is it possible for people to have REAL purple eyes?

Answer now would that be a dominant or recessive trait?sorry, havent heard of it. must be recessive. extremely recessive. so recessive it might not even exist. ;-)well, that would be for the irises.accord... Read More »

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How do people get natural purple eyes?

Elizabeth Taylor has violet eyes. My son who was born in 1969, was the only child who had violet eyes, all the rest of my family has green eyes.Dmitri's father had German ancestry ( blue eyes) and ... Read More »

How can a baby have purple eyes?

IF the man is albino (with red eyes) and the woman is blond with blue eyes - a purple eyed baby is a dead cert.Dr. Alfina FurcentThe previous answer would be impossible due to the fact that genes t... Read More »

Is it possible to have purple eyes?

If you're parents had purple eyes maybe. But, I don't think it's possible. By the way this is a good question I always wanted to know. I'm going to give you a star!

Can two people with brown eyes have a baby with hazel eyes?

Yesno because of the genetics it would be impossibleyes, because it happened to me