Can people hack into webcams and see you while the camera is in use if so how can you prevent it?

Answer Yes they can, although it requires the delivery of a Trojan horse. The payload on the Trojan horse has to be something that allows a remote user to take control of your system. This isn't as hard ... Read More »

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Oh gosh (back to webcams) ... when you try them out for the first time, you realise why people talk to you ?

i find a smear of cooking oil on the web cam Lens improves my looks.enjoy the day

How to prevent someone to hack into your gmail?

Exactly what the first person said. Google offers two step verification for FREE so USE IT! Password advice: 9 characters minimum! No dictionary words! Use upper and lower case, numbers and at lea... Read More »

How to Prevent a Facebook Group Hack?

Anyone can create a Facebook group to communicate with a close circle of friends or millions of Facebook users about a common shared interest. When you are the group admin, it isn't always easy to ... Read More »

How do people hack facebook accounts!?

If someone would do it to only you, then it must be someone you know. If it's someone you know, it must not be someone very professional. These "hackers" usually get your information because you we... Read More »