Can people get three hours of sleep and feel fine?

Answer three hours of sleep for a day is effective, there were several people who actually did an experiment about it and claimed that polyphasic sleep is effective. The practice of taking short naps then... Read More »

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How many hours of sleep do you feel you need to function properly?

I need at least 7 as well, if I sleep any more than that I feel sleepy the rest of the day, if I get less than that I'm cranky and grumpy....

Only gotten 12 hours of sleep for the past four days, don't feel tired something wrong with me?

Some people are known as "long sleepers" and some as "short sleepers." As the name suggests, short sleepers require less sleep than long sleepers. Here are some famous people who are or were short ... Read More »

How Many Hours of Sleep Should People Get?

Aging affects graphite shafts, commonly used in golf clubs, in a variety of ways depending on the condition of the shaft. Graphite typically only experiences deterioration if installation or remova... Read More »

What's is the minimal hours of sleep that people have to have?

Eight hours of sleep is the recommended time. When I don't get 8 hours of sleep, which is very common on school days for me, sometimes my brain just feels unclear. I don't concentrate as well and m... Read More »