Do white people like light skinned black people better then the dark ones?

Answer Some do, some don't. but most of the time it depends on looks and personality. as you can see, tons of dark skinned black people are with white people and vice versa. it's really a shame that they ... Read More »

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What is a better career choice cct or tacp People say you should pick whats better for you but i really dont know because ive never been in either so how can i tell for sure?

It depends on what you want to do. CCTs act as pathfinders, in the sense that they create forward airfields and coordinate aircraft within a combat zone. In a bind, CCTs can call in close air suppo... Read More »

Black people are better singers?

First it is rihanna,usher,jay z,nicki minajSecond there are alot of good black singer like the ones you listed and beyonce and Whitney Houston but that doesn't make black singers better I'm black a... Read More »

How to Take Better Photographs of People?

Want to learn how to take better photographs of people? Read on!Have you ever considered becoming a professional photographer? Most photographers need to know how to take good pictures of people. T... Read More »

Hey people what do you think is better Hd dvd or blu-ray?

Some good answers and some dead wrong too.Here's my take.First question should be can you take advantage of HD? If you don't have a 1080p HDTV, preferably ~40" or more, and with an HDMI input you w... Read More »