Can people be a carrier of mercer virus?

Answer Yes, My son has been diagnosed as a Mercer Carrier, He continues to get flare-ups where he gets puss filled lumps in different areas of his body, the last flare-up was bad, he had to get the lump c... Read More »

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Who are the people who put computer virus on the Internet.Are they connected any way to Anti Virus Companies?

the one who made viruses are anti virus cmpanies so that we would buy their products to earn money..someone told me that.

Can you drop your auto insurance carrier half-way through your six-month policy period if you found a different carrier with a better offer?

Answer In NJ you can - the old insurance company is supposed to pro-rate your fees and mail you a check for the difference. You have to notify them after you get the new coverage set up.

Why do people make computer virus'?

Yes, all viruses are created by people. They don't occur naturally like viruses in the real world. However, many people write them because they enjoy the challenge involved and forget that it will ... Read More »

People posting virus/malware links on Y!A?

Thanks for the tip!That is just wrong! I hope they get deleted!