Do penguins eat krill?

Answer Penguins eat krill, squid and fish. Krill is a shrimp-like crustacean found in the ocean. Penguins have a hook at the end of their bills that helps them grab food while swimming. A colony of 5 mill... Read More »

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How are baby penguins born?

they come out of their eggs, the father protects it for 3 months during the winter

How to Make a Diorama on Penguins?

According to the website a diorama is "...a scene that captures a moment in time." Dioramas are a creative way for students to present a culmination of what they've absorbed in a... Read More »

The Habitat of Macaroni Penguins?

The macaroni penguin is a crested penguin with orange feather plumes on its head. The upperparts and face are black, contrasting the white underparts. They have red eyes, orange bill and pink feet.... Read More »

How to Become a Pittsburgh Penguins Fan?

Pittsburgh is a town for great sports, especially hockey. Whether or not you live in Pittsburgh, you can become a Penguins fan! Let's Go Pens!