Can pellets be used in corn stoves?

Answer Although wood pellets can be used in some models of corn stoves, it is recommended to use only corn as fuel. The Wood Pellet Stove Blog warns that depending on the type of corn stove, burning wood ... Read More »

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What Is the Difference Between Wood Pellets & Corn Pellets?

Traditional methods of heating your home such as electric, gas and oil can be very expensive. There are alternative sources such as wood and corn pellets. These alternative sources of fuel are both... Read More »

How Are Pellets for Wood Stoves Made?

Wood pellets, a fuel for home heating, are manufactured from waste products. They represent a green fuel source and tend to be less expensive than some other forms of fuel. Easier to handle than tr... Read More »

Are pellets or corn cheaper?

While both corn and wood pellets may be used in a pellet stove, it is typically cheaper to burn corn. However, in some areas it may be harder to find a corn supply to use for heating. Wood pellets ... Read More »

Corn Pellets Vs. Wood?

Corn and wood pellet stoves are becoming more popular because of their convenience and efficiency. Being able to buy and store bags of fuel that will heat a home, or part of a home, for up to 24 ho... Read More »