Do peacocks eat snakes?

Answer Peacocks do eat snakes. Peacocks are omnivores, meaning their diets consist of both plant and animal materials. The animals peacocks most commonly consume include insects, small rodents, birds and ... Read More »

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How to Hatch Peacocks?

The common name for peafowl--peacock--refers to the male peafowl. Females, referred to as peahens, lack the showy display of tail feathers. Peafowl egg hatching requirements are similar to turkey e... Read More »

What is the origin of peacocks?

The peacock originated in India, where it is still honored as the national bird. Early traders domesticated the birds and transported them west to the Roman Empire and eventually onward to Britain ... Read More »

Where do peacocks live?

Peafowl, more commonly known as peacocks, come in three different species. Indian--or blue--peacocks live in India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan. Green peacocks live in the southeast Asian countries of ... Read More »

How to Age Your Baby Peacocks?

Raising peacocks can be a rewarding hobby. Many consider peacocks the most beautiful of all peafowl. Male peacocks, called peacocks, are renowned for their elaborate plumage train which they use t... Read More »