Can particle wood sub floor be repaired and can tile be put on this floor?

Answer The best way to repair particle board sub-flooring is to cut out the bad spot and replace with new board.You can only use vinyl and self stick tile over particle board. Ceramic tile cannot because ... Read More »

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Can you install a wood floor over an existing ceramic tile floor?

Answer No. Generally wood flooring needs to be nailed down. You may be able to get away with installing a floating laminate floor over the tile, but I would check with the maker of the laminate flo... Read More »

Why can't i lay self adhesive vinyl floor tile over particle board?

Tile Vs. Composite Wood Floor?

Tile and composite materials are both option available for homeowners to cover their floors. Unless the tile is heavy granite stone, they both generally require the same type of subfloor, but they ... Read More »

How to Lay Ceramic Floor Tile in a Utility Room Floor With a Dished Drain?

Laying a ceramic floor in a utility room that contains a drain is the same process as tiling the floor of the shower. You tile floor all around the drain first, then use a cardboard template to tra... Read More »