Can parents pay my bills while they live with me?

Answer It is perfectly legal for your parents to pay your bills while they are living with you. As long as they agree to pay your bills, there will be no Paying Bills

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If you do not live with your biological parents but live with a legal guardian and are about to be legally adopted can you be emancipated from your biological parents?

I'm not entirely sure what you're asking. But, if you live in the US... If you're about to be legally adopted, then your biological parents parental rights will be terminated (and your adoptive pa... Read More »

Can i choose which parent i want to live with My parents are fighting over me do i have a say where i live im 17 and pregnant and i want to live with my dad in Florida and mom won't let me go?

Technically you have to comply with whatever custody arrangement there is until you are age 18. At age 18, you are free to do as you please--but you may still be financially dependent on your paren... Read More »

Your divorced parents live in the same state but in different towns you want to live with your dad but you live with your mom you are 17 what can you do?

if you really want to live with your dad and not your mom anymore maybe you can talk to your parents and work things out unless your mom has full custody of you just like my friend alyssa's mom doe... Read More »

Do children have to pay their parents'medical bills when they die?

Survivors are usually not responsible for debt amassed by their parents. While the children themselves are not responsible, the parents' estate, including their assets and possessions, can be sold ... Read More »