Can parents pay my bills while they live with me?

Answer It is perfectly legal for your parents to pay your bills while they are living with you. As long as they agree to pay your bills, there will be no Paying Bills

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If parents live in different states Alabama Mississippi can child choose which parent they want to live with at age 14?

AnswerThe general age of consent is 18 years unless it is detrimental for a child to reside with one parent. Most states are "best interest" states. Ask yourself? What is in the best interest of th... Read More »

Is the age at which a child can decide which parent they want to live with depend at all on if the parents live in different states?

Answer Minors are not allowed to choose with whom they wish to live in any US state.In some instances the presiding judge will speak with a minor child and may or may not take the results of the i... Read More »

If an 18 yr old gets a 16 yr old pregnant while living with her with her parents' permission can they file charges against him?

AnswerIt depends on what state you live in, the age of consent (consentual sex)in most states is 16 yrs old. They may not be able to file charges against you but you are still liable for the suppor... Read More »

Do children of divorced parents ever get to choose who they live with?

There should be a certain age in each state when the court will take the child's want into consideration. Call the court near you and find out the age they need to be. I think its usually around 12... Read More »