Can parents lock a bank account of an eighteen year old so they have no access?

Answer No. Until they reach the age of majority, usually 18, they are the responsibility of the parent and the parent determines where the child lives.

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Do credit card companies have access to my bank account balances?

Credit card companies are not authorized to access your personal bank accounts without a court order. The only legal way a creditor can take the money in your bank account is if a judgment is issue... Read More »

How do I access a bank account?

Select an Account TouchpointChoose one of the many methods for bank account access: Go into a bank branch, visit an ATM machine, hop on the Internet, visit a retail location or use your mobile devi... Read More »

Who has access to bank account information?

If you have a bank account, there are several individuals, in addition to you, that could have access to your bank account information. Other individuals may be able to access your accounts based o... Read More »

HUD Access to Private Bank Account Information?

Financial institutions have a responsibility to protect their customers' private information. The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act restricts third-party access to bank account information, according to the F... Read More »