Can parents hire a paraprofessional for their child?

Answer No. Paraprofessionals are hired by the state school district. Parents can request that the school assign a paraprofessional to help a child with disabilities, according to the Free Appropriate Publ... Read More »

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How to Hire a Paraprofessional for Your Child?

Most students perform well in a traditional school setting. However when an individual student does not connect with the environment, or traditional teaching process, hiring a paraprofessional to t... Read More »

Can both parents in a child custody case hire their own psychologist?

Both parents can hire their own psychologist in a child custody case. However, a psychologist is usually appointed by the court, whether the parents hire one or not. "The best interest of the chil... Read More »

Can parents who are not in their car leave their restrained child in a parked car while they watch their other child practice football?

It would depend upon the age of the child in the car, the length of the football practice, and the distance placed between parent and child. In most cases, this would be seen as a case of neglect.

If the parents are giving a friend their child how can the adult accepting the child become legally bonded so the parents cannot take custody of the child at some future time?

Answer Parents cannot "give" a child to someone.All parties must follow the required adoption or guardianship procedures according to the laws of the state and through the appropriate state court.... Read More »