Can parental rights be terminated if the parent is in prison?

Answer YES.

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How many years must a parent be absent in their child's life to have their parental rights terminated?

Answer There are no set time limits for such action.Several states do have laws that relate to the time period in which a parent can be charged with abandonment of a child, abandonment being defin... Read More »

Is it legal for an adoptive parent to give child back to parent whose rights were terminated?

Not without the legal system involved.Not without the legal system involved.

Can a 16 year old parent's parental rights be terminated?

I don´t think so. As a convicted sex offender he will get from the court and the police obligations... which will be that he won´t be allowed to live with children in the same house. There are ot... Read More »

Can parental rights be terminated with no notice?

Before the court hears a case, it requires proof that all reasonable measures have been taken to notify the interested parties.ANSWER But, take note that in Missouri, it can be done when you've had... Read More »