Can paramedics declare someone dead without a doctor?

Answer It depends on the state and the system. Most states require that a medical professional such as a doctor pronounce a person dead. However, in Alaska and under extreme circumstances, such as decapit... Read More »

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What is the correct name for a Doctor that check "dead bodies"?

Depends, most are called Coroners. Some, have special training and are Forensic Pathologists. The last group is the ones who can dig deep into the cause of death and nothing gets past them. In many... Read More »

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What do paramedics do?

In a medical emergency, trained teams of first responders are responsible for providing on-site and in-transit care to patients being transported to a hospital. Paramedics are an important part of ... Read More »

Is it a con , paramedics please answer?

Yes we would know what it is.Yes we would see it.Yes most ambulances have "fancy little computers" for stuff like this.yes yes yes yes yes yes.