Can paper napkins&paper cups be recycled?

Answer Paper napkins and cups cannot be recycled because they contain organic material. Food particles on the cups or napkins will contaminate any other paper products they come in contact with. Furthermo... Read More »

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Can sippy cups be recycled?

The majority of sippy cups are made of recyclable plastic. To find the recycling specifics for your sippy cup and to check whether your municipality will recycle it, look at the bottom of the cup f... Read More »

Can Starbucks cups be recycled?

No, Starbucks cups cannot be recycled. However, the company developed a recycled content cup sleeve in order to end their double cupping practice, they offer a 10-cent discount to customers who bri... Read More »

What is made from recycled plastic cups?

Recycled plastic from cups and other products can be made into synthetic lumber, household furniture, bike racks and even books, according to the website Re-source. Efforts are also being made to u... Read More »

How to Reduce Paper Jams in Printers When Using Recycled Paper?

A common misconception about recycled paper is that it is of a lower quality than nonrecycled paper, causing paper jams in printers and copying machines. However, the quality of recycled paper may ... Read More »