Can paper bags be recycled?

Answer Paper bags can be recycled. In many areas of the United States, paper bags are accepted along with paper and cardboard for recycling. According to New York City's recycling program, the city accept... Read More »

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Why do people suffering from anxiety attacks breath into brown paper bags and not plastic bags?

because if they use plastic bags they're possibly covering there faces instead of just covering there mouthsANSWER. because they're not stupid enough to use something that can suffocate them, its ... Read More »

How long does it take plastic bags to decompose in a landfill vs. paper bags?

In a landfill, neither a paper bag nor a plastic bag will decompose. Landfills are made to be stable and dry, preventing the decomposition of anything, even biodegradable material, due to the lack ... Read More »

Can plastic salad bags be recycled?

Prepackaged food bags, including plastic bags containing pre-washed salad, cannot be recycled. Many other bag types can be recycled, however, including zip lock bags, plastic cereal box liners and... Read More »

How to Make Bags From Recycled Materials?

Many people are becoming increasingly aware of the amount of garbage that is created needlessly. Recycling materials into new and useful products is a great way to help clean up our environment, as... Read More »