Can panic attacks come on for no apparent reason?

Answer Typically a panic attack is caused by something, no matter how insignificant the cause is. I wouldn't think they could come from the blue, but I suppose it's possible. The hospital question depends... Read More »

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I have had anxiety issues my entire life, as long as I can remember. I was always nervous about things, just small things, even. I understand how hard it can be to go through things like that. A... Read More »

Do you get anal pains for no apparent reason?

no but theres a reason, find out what it is

Why a smoke detector sounds without an apparent reason ?

An intermittent squeak.. every 20 seconds or so... dead/dying battery.A loud audible alarm - no smoke, no fire - can be caused by flyspray or hairspray, or perhaps dust particulates.Usually it's bu... Read More »

Why does the volume on your tv go up by itself for no apparent reason?

Do you mean: "especially during commercials?" It's one way the advertisers have to make certain that you get to hear their sales pitch. On the other hand, if it's truly a random event, it could b... Read More »