Can paint absorb household odors?

Answer Yes! Some of the newest paints on the market do indeed absorb household odor. One of these paints is Dutch Boy's "Refresh." It claims to trap household odors in its paint film, and not even scrubbi... Read More »

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How to Use Charcoal to Absorb Litter Box Odors?

A cat litter box can become smelly quickly. Whether you have one cat or a few, the odor from feces, along with the strong ammonia-like smell of urine can pack a powerful punch in your household. Wh... Read More »

How to Absorb Coat Closet Odors?

Coat closets attract odors for several reasons. For example, left over moisture on a coat from a rainy day or snow may mildew, and in the confined space of a closet this mildew effect may cause a m... Read More »

Home Recipes to Absorb Odors?

Bad odors in your home are unpleasant for you and awkward for guests, but you can combat odors with household items. Homemade deodorizers are less expensive and don't contain the chemicals that man... Read More »

How to Eliminate Household Odors with Bleach?

Want to eliminate foul odors from the air in your home? Follow these directions and never have a smelly house again.