Can pain pills mess up your erection?

Answer On One Hand: Prescription Pain KillersPrescription pain killers can cause issues with erectile dysfunction, especially opiate-based narcotic pain killers such as OxyContin, Vicodin or Lortab. Opiat... Read More »

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Iis snorting pain pills harmful to your health?

I have enough trouble swallowing them, and you want to snort them down!Good Luck

Wil natural breast anhancment pills mess up a 14 girl?

I did it and went from an A to a C cup using saw palmeto. No problems. Go for it

You are addicted to pain pills and pregnant will your baby get taking from you?

Most hospitals screen for drugs and HIV/AIDS before/during pregnancy/birth... in the event of a positive result ..they are required by law to notify Child Protective Services... of course this law ... Read More »

What are symptoms of being addicted to pain pills Just curious Pain & Pai?

If you take them even when you are not in pain, you may be addicted.