Can overeating cause lymphedema?

Answer On One Hand: Causes of LymphedemaAccording to the Mayo Clinic, overeating is not a known cause of lymphedema. There are two types of lymphedema: primary and secondary. Primary lymphedema is heredit... Read More »

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How exactly does overeating cause Diabetes Type 2?

Your understanding is incorrect.The whole purpose of eating and digestion is to INCREASE your blood sugar. Sugar is the "fuel" you body uses to work, grow, play, and heal. Without sugar in your b... Read More »

Lymphedema Case Management?

Lymphedema refers to swelling (edema) in the soft tissues of the body, most often in the extremities. It may occur in both arms and legs but typically in only one extremity. Symptoms range from mil... Read More »

Lymphedema Therapist Jobs?

Lymphedema is a chronic condition that impairs the lymphatic system and causes swelling (edema) in arms, legs and sometimes other parts of the body. Often a complication suffered by women who have ... Read More »

How to Take Care of Leg Lymphedema?

Lymphedema is an excessive accumulation of lymph fluid under the skin that causes swelling. It often occurs in the legs and arms. Lymphedema may occur as a result of cancer, surgery, an infection o... Read More »