Can over masterbation really cause problems with your eye sight?

Answer No...that was just a myth to get people to stop doing it or not do it ever. It was jsut something that instilled guilt on people who were just being normal

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Over masterbation cure?

Masturbation is a natural habit with Male teenagers. Female masturbation is called Fingering. First of all you should know that your private part is not made of metal and shall not be used rough... Read More »

Recovery from over masterbation.?

Dude, menstrubation has more side effects than benifits..First of all, get rid of watching porn. Whenever you watch something like that or think about that, you will essentially have to mensterbate... Read More »

Can an over-filled car transmission cause problems?

Overfilling a car's transmission fluid can damage the transmission. Foaming can occur, which lowers the fluid's ability to absorb heat. It can also raise the pressure in the transmission system. Tr... Read More »

Do you really think Big Brother is the cause of our society problems?

smurf we have been here before are society problems lie deeper than a TV program makes me smile cause BB is so real and everybody will slate me for saying this but don't you think what was going on... Read More »