Can outdated sweet corn still be good?

Answer On One Hand: Fresh CornSweet corn requires slightly acidic soil, wind pollination and well-drained soil to yield high crops. Only use fresh corn for crops, advises the University of North Carolina ... Read More »

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What is good weather for sweet corn to grow?

Corn has been grown in the Americas for centuries and as a result there are quite a few different varieties of the plant available to gardeners and farmers for human consumption. One popular variet... Read More »

Can you use sweet corn to produce corn oil?

Generally, sweet corn production has been directed to specific markets. The demand has tended to be for sweet corn in the form of canned or frozen kernels; fresh corn-on-the-cob; or processed crunc... Read More »

How to Grow Sweet Corn?

Many people enjoy canned or frozen corn from the grocery store. However, the taste cannot compare to the freshness of growing your own sweet corn. Yellow sweet corn from your garden can be used imm... Read More »

How long does it take sweet corn to come up?

Sweet corn can take anywhere from 60 to 100 days before it reaches the harvest point. Generally the temperature will have the greatest effect on how long it takes for the corn to grow. It is best ... Read More »