Can our license be suspended if you have no car insurance?

Answer yes it can be... my brother had to pay a fee until he got it backLet's expand a bit on the above answer. Not having car insurance is not an offence. Driving a vehicle on public roadways without ins... Read More »

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If your license is suspended and your mother buys a new car but does not have a license what is the best way to get insurance on the car?

The best way to get Insurance on the car is to first go Get a Valid Drivers License. Driving on a supended license is illegal. Driving with no license is also illegal. Trying to obtain Auto insuran... Read More »

Can you get car insurance in Texas if you have a New York drivers license that has been suspended for an insurance lapse?

Yes you can Yes You can. You need to purchase Auto Insurance and file Form SR22 with your state of license issue and pay any associated fines or fees. After the suspension is cleared you may then a... Read More »

How many points does insurance count for suspended drivers license and how long does it stay on record with insurance company in Arizona?

A suspension of the drivers license will be visible for 5 years on your driving record and doesn't show up as any points.

Can I Get Insurance With a Suspended License?

Car insurance is commonly issued for a vehicle but purchased by a licensed driver. In some situations, the owner of a vehicle may not have a driver's license, but it is still required to maintain i... Read More »