Can osteoporosis drug treatment be used for canine osteosarcoma?

Answer On One Hand: Bone TheoryTheory holds that since canine osteosarcoma affects the bones of a canine, maybe drugs for osteoporosis would be able to have some kind of positive effect. While this might ... Read More »

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Have you used a Fisher Wallace Cranial Stimulator as a drug free treatment for insomnia/poor circadian rhythm?

No, however it would appear that plenty of other people have, and were not impressed.…Also looks like with a little reserch, you could build one for about... Read More »

What is the best treatment for osteoporosis for gastric bypass surgery patients?

Gastric bypass, or bariatric, surgery is performed on morbidly obese people to reduce the risk of diseases associated with obesity. During gastric bypass surgery, parts of the stomach and small int... Read More »

Drug Treatment for High Cholesterol?

High cholesterol results from a high-fat diet, lack of exercise, excessive weight and/or genetics. Patients with high cholesterol may benefit from cholesterol-lowering drugs in combination with a h... Read More »

Drug & Alcohol Outpatient Treatment?

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) states that in 2007, 20.8 million American individuals ages 12 and older required drug or alcohol treatment but did not receive it. Drug and alcohol trea... Read More »