Can or could iphone 4 battery be left for charging for 3 weeks while away?

Answer It is possibly that it is either broken, or maybe you have to charge it.

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Can you use the iphone straight away before charging it?

Plese, if you already now the answer tell me! i always download themes in the market of my htc but then later i don't now how to install it

Phone battery losing charge while charging?

Using your comp to charge it supplies lower voltage to the phone. If you're using it while its charging then the comp could possibly not be able to supply enough wattage to overcome usage. Charge... Read More »

Slow Battery Charging Versus Fast Battery Charging?

Battery chargers come in a variety of sizes and charging rates. Some battery types, such as alkaline or carbon zinc, recharge poorly. For all rechargeable battery types, including lead acid and lit... Read More »

If you text while your phone is charging, does that mess up your battery?

WHAT? no you can do whatever you want when your phone is charging.