Can opposite sex siblings share a room in the state of New York?

Answer The cops won't track you down and tell the kids they need to separate rooms

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How to Share a Room With the Opposite Sex?

Sharing a room with someone of a different gender can be...weird. Here's how to cope.

Can opposite sex military personnel share a hotel room on official travel?

No. It is not the LOCATION of the billet that is significant. The same regulations apply as would apply on a military installation - it is the relationship between the genders that matters. Unless ... Read More »

If siblings share a room will they get along better?

If both a brother and/or sister, share a room. They will most likely see each other more, and start a stronger, kinder relationship with one another. This helps start a healthy family relationship.... Read More »

Is it illegal in Michigan for children of the opposite sex to share a bedroom?