Can one zoom into photos on an ipod 3 generation nano?

Answer The third generation iPod Nano cannot zoom in or out while viewing photos, according to the user manual. The feature was popularized on the iPhone and iPod Touch's touch screens. The third generati... Read More »

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Can you trade in the ipod nano 8g 4th generation for the new ipod nano with video?

What is the difference between an Apple iPod nano 2GB 1st generation and an Apple iPod nano 2GB 2nd generation?

How to tell what model iPod nano you have 1st generation iPod nanos were white or black with acrylic (plastic) faces and chrome backs, and came in 1GB, 2GB, and 4GB capacities.2nd generation iPod n... Read More »

What is the difference between an apple ipod nano 2nd generation and apple ipod nano 3rd generation?

Answer Main difference is 3rd gen plays videos. gen 3 is shorter but wider, gen 2 costs more, buy gen 3. I have a Gen 2 and i love it, but i'd prefer the gen 3 instead.I have a gen 3 and I reckon i... Read More »

When does the 5th Generation Ipod Nano come out?

the 5th generation Ipod nano came out on September 19, 2009.