Can one spouse file for bankrupcty?

Answer According to the Moran Law Group in California, one spouse may file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy without the other. However, any accounts that are jointly owned become the responsibility of the spouse ... Read More »

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How often can I file bankrupcty?

You can file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy eight years after your previous one and within two years for a Chapter 13, according to Bank Rate. However, you wait just four years between filing a Chapter 13 ... Read More »

Can states file bankrupcty?

States can not file for bankruptcy protection in the United States. Federal bankruptcy law allows businesses, individuals and local governments to file for bankruptcy protection. A state can defaul... Read More »

Can one spouse file for bankruptcy?

It is possible for one spouse to file bankruptcy and not the other spouse. The spouse who does not file may be liable for the unpaid debt depending on the chapter of bankruptcy that was filed and i... Read More »

How to File Unemployment for a Military Spouse?

Civilian spouses of military service members who voluntarily leave their jobs due to their spouse's military transfer are eligible for unemployment benefits in certain states. If your state doesn't... Read More »