Can one set iPhone Safari to only load text from websites not images or videos?

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Why won't YouTube videos load on my iPhone 4s?

uninstall the youtube application and then install it again. it works

I want to copy text of scanned images to the below plain text gow to do it please help me?

Some scanners (like used by me Hp G4010) has a special software called OCR (Optical character Recognition). this software converts your scanned documents to plain text documents. Check on your manu... Read More »

How do I block kids from websites with Safari?

Account SetupCreate a separate account for your child on your Mac to control which websites your children can visit using Apple's native Safari browser: Navigate to System Preferences (on your Dock... Read More »

Has anyone else experienced problems with viewing Photobucket images on Safari How can I resolve these issues?

We have seen this problem occur for users on older versions of Safari. If you are on an older version, please update to the most recent version that your machine will accept. This solves the proble... Read More »