Can one file for single bankruptcy if married?

Answer According to, a married person can file for bankruptcy without her spouse, however, any joint accounts could harm the spouse when filing. A married person should think abou... Read More »

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Can a Married Couple File Bankruptcy As a Single Person?

One common misconception believed by married couples is that they must file bankruptcy together. Filing bankruptcy separately may or may not be the wisest idea, because filing bankruptcy as a singl... Read More »

Can I file my taxes as married filing single if I was just married in October?

Married filing single is not a tax filing status. You cannot file your income taxes as a single person if you are married as of the last day of the year. However, you are permitted to choose to fil... Read More »

Can a married person file taxes as single?

A married person can only file taxes as single if he is legally separated from his spouse. However, two married persons can still file taxes separately. This is known as "married filing separately.... Read More »

Can I file single on my income tax return if I was married?

File as single if you are unmarried at the end of the tax year for which you are filing. For example, if you were married for most of the year but got legally divorced on Dec. 15, you would file yo... Read More »