Can one drink alcohol after lifting weights?

Answer On One Hand: Weight-Lifting Increases MetabolismWhile excessive alcohol consumption severely compromises the body's metabolism, weight-lifting increases metabolism and thereby decreases the negativ... Read More »

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Just finished lifting weights should I eat drink a protein in shake?

I would say you need more protein for your age, especially considering you are lifting weights (i am assuming to gain muscles). this website goes into more details! Read More »

Can lifting weights give you a 6 pack?

Weight-lifting will definitely help tone and burn any excess fat - depending on how often you do it and how you eat. Working out for an hour a week while living off of pizza probably wouldn't do an... Read More »

Can you get hemorrhoids from lifting weights?

On One Hand: Heavy Lifting Can Cause HemorrhoidsHemorrhoids are caused by excessive strain on the veins in or around the anus. The strain on the veins can be caused by constipation, pressure or ho... Read More »

How young can a boy start lifting weights safely?

On One Hand: Strength-Training Is HealthyChildren as young as 8 can begin certain strength-training exercises such as push-ups, according to Kids Health. Once he learns proper techniques, a boy can... Read More »