Can one choose who is around when my daughter's father watches her?

Answer Not without it clearly stated in the court order.

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My daughters 2yr and her father had her on a mini motorcycle on the road and with No Helemt!!! Is it legal.?

Apart from being stupid, as many people here have said, here is why it is illegal:1. No helmet (this is the only safety gear one is legally required to wear in order to ride a motorcycle on the pub... Read More »

When a child is born and the father is not there or never comes around does that mean you have full custody?

%DETAILS% Answer That does not mean you have full custody. Even though the father is not around you should still go for full custody. Theres always that chance the father could back around and that... Read More »

Do most parents let their pregnant daughters move out of the house to live with the baby's father?

One Father's Opinion I can't speak for 'most parents' but, assuming the daughter is a minor, I would either be:1. Polishing up the shotgun for the wedding. 2. Seriously consider the fact that if t... Read More »

What insect could cause my daughters forearm to swell 4 inches around the bite?

who cares get her to the emergency room right now you why are you asking stupid questions you should get her to some health care right now. that Is really really bad if your daughters arm swells 4 ... Read More »