Can older ink cartriges for printers be refilled?

Answer I would suggest getting a continuous ink system instead buying new individual is equal to 61 cartridges of each color so the need to refill it is alot less often. They cost about $5... Read More »

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Rather then buy new ink cartriges for your printer it a good idea to just get them refilled instead?

Yes If you know how to do it properly It Can Save you big Bucks $$ But I would recommend getting a laserjet printer if you have the money because it is only about $0.03 for a laser printed page ver... Read More »

Do color laser printers still use ink cartriges?

Laser printers use powder toner instead of ink to form images. Toner bonds to paper by heat, unlike ink, which sprays on through jets. Laser printer toner does come in cartridges, which may have th... Read More »

Can all ink jet cartridges for printers be refilled?

Dont wast your money on ink, in a year of buying ink will cost you 3 laser printer.spend once and for all for a laser, you ll be able to print up to 4000 pages or more depend the price range and qu... Read More »

HP printer. Cartirdge. Should we use original or refilled. Is refilled safe for printer?

Refilled is ok although some cartridges contain chips that tell the printer when they're empty .. and at times refilling them wont alter the info on the chip so the printer might think the ink is o... Read More »