Can old audio cassettes be recycled?

Answer Cassette tapes are made almost completely out of plastic and can be recycled. The only part that can't be recycled is the magnetic tape. Just pull out the magnetic tape, drop it in the trash can, a... Read More »

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Can you download audio cassettes onto your ipod?

What year were audio cassettes invented?

The Philips Company invented compact audio cassettes in 1962. The invention would replace reel tapes, which were large and difficult to record with. Philips' cassette tapes were easily portable and... Read More »

How to Transfer Music From Audio Cassettes to a Hard Drive?

While audio cassette tapes may hold nostalgic value, they are far from the most convenient or practical means of audio playback. Digitize your audio cassette tape collection if you do not want to d... Read More »

I have Panasonic camcorder and some cassettes can i overwrite on the cassettes or no?

Yes you can. Do it too many times and the quality will diminish over time though.