Can nuva ring harm baby if pregnant?

Answer Nuva Ring will not end or harm an existing pregnancy.

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I have had my nipple ring in for about 1 year and 2 months. I am 13 weeks pregnant. Will a nipple ring harm the unborn child while pregnant or breastfeeding?

Answer There is no risk to you or the baby from your nipple ring as long as you maintain a normal hygiene routine. Many pierced mothers say that there is no need to take the ring out while breast... Read More »

Will having an ovarian cyst make it more difficult to become pregnant or harm the baby if you are already pregnant?

Answer Yes it can cause complications. If you are not yet pregnant and still trying to conceive talk to your doctor about having it removed before trying to do so if you are already pregnant your d... Read More »

How does the nuva ring work?

The NuvaRing is a hormonal form of birth control requiring a prescription from a health care provider. The NuvaRing may also be prescribed to treat other conditions such as menstrual problems and e... Read More »

How often do you get your period with a nuva ring?

While using the NuvaRing, a woman should get her period once a month. Women who use NuvaRing leave it in for three weeks at a time. They go without it for a week before inserting a new one. During ... Read More »