Can nutritional supplements cause problems with water retention?

Answer How much salt do you consume?What kind of salt do you use.I notice my son retains a lot of water if he eats a lot of salt.i use uva ursi,and green tea to help get rid of water retention.Hopefully,y... Read More »

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Can Zetia cause water retention?

On One Hand: Zetia Does Not Cause Water RetentionZetia is a commercial form of the medication ezetimibe, which reduces the body's ability to absorb food cholesterol. In combination with weight loss... Read More »

Can linsopril cause water retention?

On One Hand: Linsopril Prevents Water Retention.ACE is an enzyme in the body also known as angiotensinogen converting enzyme. It conserves water and salt in the body. It acts on kidneys for water a... Read More »

Does ibuprofen cause water retention?

On One Hand: Water retentionAs stated by the "Pharmacological basis of Therapeutics", ibuprofen is a NSAID (non-steroidal antiinflammatory drug) which may cause water retention or fluid retention i... Read More »

Can too much magnesium cause water retention?

On One Hand: Does Not Cause Water RetentionAccording to the Department of Food Science and Technology U.K., magnesium helps reduce water retention. Taking magnesium supplements can help relieve pre... Read More »