Can nutritional supplements cause problems with water retention?

Answer How much salt do you consume?What kind of salt do you use.I notice my son retains a lot of water if he eats a lot of salt.i use uva ursi,and green tea to help get rid of water retention.Hopefully,y... Read More »

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Are nutritional supplements tax deductible?

According to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) document 502, nutritional supplements are not tax deductible. They are on the list of medical expenses not includible in deductions. Nutritional supp... Read More »

How much water should i drink if im trying to get rid of water retention by tomorrow afternoon?

You really shouldn't be drinking extra water to get rid of water retention. Instead, you should be taking a diuretic. My husband has had them prescribed for him before for water retention but the... Read More »

Will drinking too much water lead to water retention?

On One Hand: Drinking Too Much Water Can Make Retention WorseSeveral common medical conditions cause people to retain water. Many women, for example, experience water retention prior to their menst... Read More »

How to Tell if You Have Water Retention?

Water retention is not always easy to detect, as your body has the capacity to absorb plenty of excess water, which just makes you look fat. If you've tried all kinds of diets and eat very little b... Read More »