Can nurses wear Crocs?

Answer On One Hand: Popular with Health-Care ProfessionalsCrocs brand shoes are a common sight on the feet of nurses and other health-care professionals today. The colorful, comfortable foam clogs are as ... Read More »

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Is it OK to wear socks with crocs?

You answered your own question as the model is getting too confident wearing something that is really nice but when you look at him your eyes go to the key board so the picture can be removed. I w... Read More »

What do nurses wear?

Nursing uniforms have changed over the years. While nurses no longer walk around in skirts and caps, they don't always look like television nurses do, either.ER NursesMany emergency- and operating-... Read More »

Why do nurses wear white?

Nurses often wear white for a variety of reasons, including cleanliness or sterility and identification. White nurse uniforms are less common than they once were.IdentificationDoctors and nurses wh... Read More »

Why do nurses wear scrubs?

Nurses wear scrubs for two main reasons: most importantly, to maintain the hypo-allergenic atmosphere in the hospital, and also to help differentiate them from the patients or any other hospital gu... Read More »